QIN Impact as A Well-Planned Master Community in the Real Estate Development Sector.

Qetaifan Masterpan

Real estate development is a business process with the most collaborative endeavours, requiring a connection from different industries, including government entities, funding investors, bankers, consultants, architects, suppliers, and general contractors. The core of a successful real estate development lies in a well-thought-out master plan, a blueprint describing both through maps and narrative the overall land use for the future and the needs of its inhabitants, which has the power to enhance the quality of life and add significant value to all stakeholders and the surrounding environment.

Lusail Masterplan identified the Qetaifan Islands North (QIN) as a city’s crown jewel and a key element of its expansion plans with a collection of lower-density island communities just off the Lusail Waterfront. QIN’s Master Plan identified the objective of the Islands as to help create the best natural beaches in Doha – with a choice of resort-type villa developments and apartments – that allow tourists to experience a resort hotel, modern retail boutiques alongside traditional souqs and marina accommodated along the waterfront.

QIN has been carefully designed and divided into an integrated master-planned community, built from the ground up with the purpose of being a convenient, uniquely designed environment that appeals to the luxurious lifestyle with a sense of exclusivity and security. In a comprehensive pre-planned mixed-use development, QIN has a residential area, recreational facilities, cultural amenities, retail options, and a strong, embedded sense of community.

The prime objective of the QIN master plan is to create a vibrant community where residents and visitors benefit from the latest advances in design and construction, infrastructure, and the public realm, making it a prominent destination with world-class hospitality and entertainment zones.

Let us delve into how QIN’s master community plays a pivotal role in shaping good lives and adding substantial value to end-users.

1. Creating Sustainable and Livable Communities

QIN has placed a great focus on creating sustainable and livable communities. The strategically developed master plan takes a holistic approach by considering climatic conditions, utilising sustainable and intelligent design principles, and integrating infrastructure solutions. Open space areas, including beaches, Linear Park, neighbourhood green corridors, landscape buffers and sikas, are carefully integrated into the design. The transport strategy emphasises a high level of permeability throughout the island to facilitate and encourage movement with the series of footpaths and cycle lanes connecting the residential communities to the major attractions within the island. Soft landscaping, shaded structures, and building shading are thoughtfully utilised to ensure year-round usage of these routes for residents while also providing direct road access to key components of the island and Lusail mainland.

Mitigating the local character precincts to bring together the cultural traditions of Qatar and the contemporary urban image of QIN development fosters a sense of belonging, encourages physical activity, and promotes social interaction. Residents of such areas experience a higher quality of life due to the thoughtful planning that enhances their overall well-being.

Qin realestate

2. Enhancing Property Values

A good master plan is not just about creating a pleasant living environment but also a strategic investment that can significantly increase property values. A carefully designed community with well-maintained amenities, green spaces, and infrastructure is more likely to appreciate over time. Buyers and investors are willing to pay a premium for properties in neighborhoods with a strong integrated master plan.

Investors may be drawn to the uniqueness of a well-planned and designed community, the rate of residential growth, and tangible strategies. Potential investors can grasp the long-term value of a community’s development.

Property value is one of the key elements of QIN’s vision, embodied by the island’s various precincts. These precincts define the leisure and entertainment components, namely the Meryal Waterpark, serving as the primary entrainment destination and island’s anchor. Rixos Resort features 345 keys. The Retail Plaza enhances visitor experiences with offerings such as an Arabian Souq, providing a traditional Arabian shopping ambience, and the Canal Front Retail, offering a waterfront dining experience and an entertainment plaza which animates the Linear Park, lastly complimented all by the Beach Club, enriching diversity and serving as a community amenity for residents.

High-quality waterfront living is also part of the key elements of the overall vision for QIN. The island includes a range of villas and medium to high-rise apartment buildings catering to a broad cross-section of market demand—all residential precincts on the island benefit from sea views. Along with the waterfront residential offering, the South Waterfront mixed-use precinct provides a waterfront retail experience.

The town center is located at the island’s core as a fully serviced, desirable residential area. It provides key community facilities, including a uniquely designed Mosque, a school, and a medical center.

As a result, the lucrative aspect that QIN can provide means that homeowners will likely experience increased home equity. At the same time, investors can anticipate robust returns on their real estate investments.

3. Supporting Economic Growth

A good master plan can be a catalyst for economic growth and development. When a well-planned community attracts residents and businesses, it creates a thriving local economy. Essential amenities like shopping centers, schools, healthcare facilities, and recreational spaces can stimulate economic activity, leading to job creation and increased economic prosperity for the area.

As one of the region’s most iconic new leisure and entertainment destinations, QIN can fulfil the market needs by securing a high standard of living for all (Qatari and Expatriate). QIN is a fully integrated residential community providing residents with safety, privacy, and security. Equally, QIN has been carefully designed to be a welcoming experience for guests to enjoy the range of amenities and attractions on the Island.

Qatar’s diverse population comprises approximately 85% expatriates and 15% Qataris. QIN aims to establish a universal landscape and public realm that transcends all nationalities, catering foremost to all age groups.

QIN falls under the new free-hold declaration area, increasing foreign investment opportunities. Ultimately, these developments encourage entrepreneurs to invest in the region, diversifying the local economy and making it more resilient to economic downturns.

4. Addressing Environmental Concerns

Sustainable development and environmental protection are essential and deeply rooted in the core of the Qatari constitution: “The state shall preserve the environment and its natural balance to achieve comprehensive and sustainable development for all generations.” This commitment guides the pursuit of long-term city development goals.

One of the four pillars in Qatar’s National Vision 2030 is the environment, which also highlights the importance of preserving the natural habitat and ensuring sensitive environmental resources are conserved.

By law, Lusail City was one of the major development projects to undergo an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and obtain approval from the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME). Consequently, QIN was encompassed within the EIA for the Lusail Development Master plan, and the island reclamation proceeded accordingly.

Furthermore, the Qetaifan Project is committed to ensuring that the environmental requirements are aligned with the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) and that the goal is achieved realistically. GSAS sustainability rating for QIN is as follows:

  • 4-star Certification for the master plan under the GSAS District and Infrastructure Scheme.
  • 2-star certification for individual typologies (Beach Club, Water Park, the Hotel, Souq, Canal Retail, Mosque, Retail Plaza and Linear Park).

It is beneficial to highlight how certain environmental concerns were addressed. Lusail City contributes by supplying treated sewage effluent (TSE) to the QIN; it complies with international and local specifications regarding recycling principles, irrigation of green areas, cooling systems, and other studies related to facilities management services.

As a result, QIN boasts a fully automated irrigation system equipped with an irrigation controller. This controller directs remote-control valves to open and close according to pre-set timings. Consequently, water is channeled into the irrigation module, which feeds emission devices (drippers). These drippers efficiently distribute water to the area’s shrubs, ground covers, palms and trees.


QIN Master Plan Community has sought to help ensure a high-quality development that integrates seamlessly with the design intent of Lusail’s master plan. Several key layers within the Lusail Masterplan contribute to the island’s vibrant entertainment and adventure offerings. QIN epitomises a mixed development featuring a remarkable waterpark, comprehensive hotel accommodations, a beach club, residential areas, recreational spaces, cultural and retail plazas, a mosque, a medical center, and school facilities.

QIN Master Community is a vision of a brighter future and a strong catalyst for Qatar’s tourism and entertainment industry, yet it still embeds a sense of community.

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