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Community Development Real Estate - Qetaifan Projects

Creating Vibrant and Sustainable Neighborhoods

Despite the fact that real estate developers invest sizeable sums into the long-term future of local communities, many people hold the belief that developers will simply come to an area, construct their building, take their profits and leave. Real Estate developers are much more than just companies that build houses. They are crucial to building a community.

If you are making a big leap and moving out from your home to live in a new property, amenities make a big difference to the sense of community and making your new place immediately feel like home.
When buying into a new development, one of the most important things to take into consideration is the offering of residential amenities; what sets it apart from surrounding residential schemes and gives it a unique edge?

Hence, it is crucial for real estate developers to do what they can to create that community feel when it comes to their schemes; because it greatly impacts their residents’ wellbeing and living experience, therefore reflecting positively on the developer and their brand.

Therefore, mixed-use developments are currently on the rise, and are the main focus of real estate developers. In short, mixed-use development refers to the layering of compatible land uses, public amenities and utilities together at various scales and intensities. Mixed-use properties allow people to live, work, play and shop in a concentrated area – usually all within walking distance.

Mixed-use development can take several forms. At the most basic level, it refers to the integration of various uses within a single mixed-use property (e.g., ground floor retail with housing above). It can also refer to horizontal mixed-use blocks (e.g., an apartment building with a grocery store next door). Mixed-use development can also take place at a neighborhood scale, with various combinations of vertical and horizontal use within a walking radius; i.e. creating self-contained mini cities meant to encourage a sense of community and mimic an urban, walkable environment.

A mini city ..a land spanning approximately 1.3 sqm .. a first of its kind project in Qatar .. offering exciting entertainment attractions that the whole family can enjoy, in addition to diversified waterfronts, distinct neighborhoods, luxurious hotels, pedestrian friendly streets, living gardens, and world class facilities that make it a modern, globally-competitive community with a unique design that is inspired by the rich culture and nature of the region. A place offering all what you need at your fingertips was the inspiration behind Qetaifan Island North, to outperform the competition and optimize the value of the owner’s assets.