Qetaifan Projects’ COO Participates in Project Qatar Webinar

Hesham Sharaf, Qetaifan Projects' COO Participates in Project Qatar Webinar

In partnership with IFP Group in Project Qatar, Mr. Hesham Sharaf – Qetaifan Projects’ COO has participated in their first webinar in the series of exploring the construction sector post Covid-19.The webinar tackled some of the main concerns in the construction industry, and brought together project owners and industry stakeholders to share their insights.

Mr. Hesham Sharaf explained how Qetaifan Projects quickly responded to the pandemic by putting together a crisis management team in March, covering all departments; legal, technical, operations, and planning, and dealing with all market players. He also highlighted that the market has definitely been affected, however, Qetaifan Projects has not stopped construction, but is tweaking, maybe re-phasing the project to fit in the new market.

Mr. Sharaf ended his talk by emphasizing on the importance of all parties cooperating and working together in order to create a win-win situation.