Qetaifan Projects certified as “Best Place to Work” in Qatar – 2020

Qetaifan Projects certified as Best Place to Work in Qatar - 2020

Following the awarding of Qetaifan Projects as the Best Place to Work in Qatar, Sheikh Nasser bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani commented; The ideal work environment comes from the principle of equal opportunities, concerted efforts and working with the spirit of one team, with a specific vision and a clear goal.

The approach that we follow, apart from the human resources policies, aims at promoting humanitarian standards, paying great attention to employees’ satisfaction and factors that may adversely affect their productivity. This entrenches values such as loyalty, integrity, and belonging to the workplace, all in a positive atmosphere that contributes to achieving ambitions at the individual level as well as achieving the company’s goals and reaching the highest levels of success desired.

Today, during the tough times the whole world is going through, we have made sure at Qetaifan Projects to make our employees’ safety and well-being our main responsibility, therefore we are offering our employees flexible working hours; working in shifts and remotely from home, while abiding by the highest safety and precautionary measures at the office.

We also rely on trust, motivation and talent to assume more responsibilities. As is the case in estimating years of experience. However, more creativity and modern innovative solutions are indispensable considering the booms in our time in various fields; the most important of which is the technology field, and here comes the role of youth.

Here, we can only express our sincere thanks and gratitude to all government sectors that are striving to provide an effective productive climate, which in turn aims to achieve the vision of Qatar 2030.