In partnership with Qetaifan Projects, JMJ Holding Group signs an MoU with Zaha Hadid Architects

JMJ Holding Group signs an MoU with Zaha Hadid Architects

partnership with Qetaifan Projects, JMJ Holding Group signs an MoU with Zaha Hadid Architects

In partnership with Qetaifan Projects, the real estate developer for Qetaifan Island North, JMJ Properties Group has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Zaha Hadid Architects, the firm founded by the globally renowned, late architect Zaha Hadid. The agreement was announced during Cityscape Qatar 2023 at the Doha Convention and Exhibition Center (DECC), and was signed by Sheikh Jabor bin Mansour Al Thani, Chairman of the JMJ Properties Group Board of Directors, and Gianluca Racana representing Zaha Hadid Architects.

The signing ceremony was held in the presence of His Excellency Sheikh Nasser bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of Qetaifan Projects; Mr.Hesham Sharaf, Chief Operating Officer of Qetaifan Projects; Mr. Jean Antonios, Chief Legal Officer; and Sheikh Nasser bin Abdulaziz Al Thani, Head of Business Development at Qetaifan Projects. Also in attendance were Sheikh Mansour bin Jabor bin Jassim Al Thani; Engineer Nasser Al Ansari, President of the JMJ Holding Group, amid a significant local and international media presence.

Under this agreement, Zaha Hadid Architects will design multi-use buildings for seven medium-rise plots of land overlooking the southern waterfront of Qetaifan Island North. Construction for the buildings, which will boast a stunning view of the beaches of Lusail City, will be led by JMJ Properties as the development partner. The project will cover a land area that spans approximately 40,000 square meters, with an investment value of up to 986 million Qatari Riyals.

Commenting on the significance of the MoU, His Excellency Sheikh Nasser bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of Qetaifan Projects, said: “Be it in the private or public sector, our cooperation with local and international companies is a pivotal part of our growth vision and strategy for Qetaifan Island North. It is also a vital component of the success foundations we have laid at Qetaifan Projects, with customer centricity at the heart of our mission and at the service of residents, visitors, and tourists alike. It is a growth philosophy that we have aligned with the Qatar Vision 2030, which seeks to provide a global model – and world-class benchmarks to boot – for sustainable development towards the welfare of future generations. Economic balance and diversification, chiefly in real estate development and tourism, are central to this vision. They ensure equal opportunity for all and can only be achieved through the collective efforts of private and public institutions in the State of Qatar.”

“The influx of foreign and local capital in the Qetaifan Island North development project is a testament to not only the solidity of our vision but equally, to global investor confidence in Qatar’s growth environment. With scale comes great responsibility, and we are determined to reach new heights, secure more investment, and cross more milestones in our journey,” His Excellency concluded.

Sheikh Jabor bin Mansour Al Thani, Chairman of the Board of Directors at JMJ Holding Group, said: “The Qatar Vision 2030 has charted long-term pathways for economic development that require a great deal of collaboration and synergy between all stakeholders. Our partnership with Qetaifan Projects and investment in Qetaifan Island North is an important step in this direction, enabling the diversification of the Qatari real estate market towards sustainable avenues and at the service of all other engines of economic growth. The signing of this MOU with an international architectural design company such as Zaha Hadid Architects is an opportunity to transcend our vision beyond the conventional and unlock innovation in reimagining Qatar’s urban design and modern real estate landscape.”

On the other hand, Mr. Hisham Sharaf, Chief Operating Officer of Qetaifan Projects, said: “Such agreements help elevate the real estate market through high-quality, sustainable designs and innovative architectural solutions. Beyond their business potential, they present our investors with a fresh perspective on architectural and design thinking.”

He added: “Partnerships are critical to the success of any real estate development, more so for projects with the sustainability ambitions and magnitude of Qetaifan Island North. This project embodies modern real estate development that stands the test of time. And it is this future-proof philosophy that ensures a holistic destination experience beyond services and amenities, positions this project as a premier tourist and entertainment hub, and drives unparalleled innovation and excellence.”

JMJ Holding Group signs an MoU with Zaha Hadid Architects

On the occasion, Sheikh Nasser bin Abdulaziz Al Thani, Head of Business Development at Qetaifan Projects, shared his enthusiasm for the agreement, saying: “This MoU resonates with our vision for the Qetaifan Island North project, aligns with our country’s economic growth trajectory, and reflects Qatar’s favourable investment climate in attracting power partners from around the world. We are committed to collaborating with all stakeholders in making this partnership a success – and by extension, in achieving the vision we have outlined for Qetaifan Island North. Across all levels, we are working as a united front.”

Eng. Nasser Al-Ansari, JMJ Group Holding Chairman said: “We are thrilled to be joining forces with Qetaifan, raising the bar for real estate development in Qatar once again. We are confident in that this development will set the standard and earn its place among the leading and most dynamic lifestyle and tourism destinations in the Middle East. This project reinforces JMJ’s commitment to quality and sustainability for a timeless legacy, reflecting our promise to deliver tomorrow’s luxury, today.”

Signing on ZHA’s behalf, its Director Gianluca Racana commented: “With this undertaking, our collective strengths in design and vision come together to create a unique, luxury living experience that is born out of sensitivity towards our planet and which embraces a new era of technological innovation. Our design aims to cultivate a strong sense of community, effectively connecting the residential and urban environments. We are developing the future of luxury living, so that the investors and residents’ experiences can be elevated beyond their highest expectations.”